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Morning Musume '14 (minus Sayu) as a baseball team


  1. LF - Ayumi Ishida
  2. 1B - Haruna Iikubo
  3. 3B - Erina Ikuta
  4. RF - Kanon Suzuki
  5. SS - Masaki Sato
  6. 2B - Haruka Kudo
  7. C - Mizuki Fukumura
  8. P - Riho Sayashi
  9. CF - Sakura Oda

While I think it’s cool that Zukki got the cleanup/homerun spot in the batting order, and I like Daaishi as leadoff hitter, I’m not quite sure I agree with the positions. Riho’s athleticism and footwork seem better suited for a fielding position, and Maachan is way too inattentive/unpredictable for shortstop. Eripon’s arms are put to good use at third, though, and Fukuchan getting catcher is lulzy (natural padding, yo).

Of course, the explanations given in the article might give some better insight on the selections; unfortunately my Japanese is still too weak to weed through it.

I think I prefer what poster #25 in this thread had to offer:

  1. CF - Ikuta
  2. 2B - Ishida
  3. SS - Sayashi
  4. C - Suzuki
  5. 1B - Fukumura
  6. RF - Sato
  7. 3B - Oda
  8. LF - Iikubo
  9. P - Kudo

Putting Riho at shortstop, Zukki at catcher (more natural padding), and Maachan at right field sounds a lot more logical. Personally I would’ve put Eripon at pitcher, but center field could work for her too, I suppose. Also move Haruka to first base for Abbott & Costello purposes

I wonder what arbitrarygreay thinks of all this. :P

MoMusu baseball

Holy mother of …

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THIS WEEK IN ERIPON (2014.08.03 - 2013.08.09)

THIS WEEK IN ERIPON (2014.08.03 – 2013.08.09)

Sunday August 3, 2014

It doesn’t really get better than this next photo. Eripon … what a G

View On WordPress - “Chururi Chururi Ra” [PV] – “Chururi Chururi Ra” [PV]

Hey, what are your favorite vertical-scrolling video games? I don’t actually have one. My best friend was a beast at these games and I always lost all of my lunch money trying to keep up with him at the arcade. Any video game that requires dodging bullets, lasers or other projectile weapons definitely stress me out. If pressed, I’d admit to enjoying Ikari Warriorswith said best friend…

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THIS WEEK IN ERIPON (2014.07.27-2014.08.02)

Late again by a week! So sorry OTL

Sunday July 27, 2014

A Photo Technical Digital outtake, no doubt

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Ikuta requesting for Gaki-san to become her new wake-up alarm tone

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August Hello! Project Power Rankings [plug]

August Hello! Project Power Rankings [plug]

If you haven’t been around to New School Kaidan recently, you may want to head there to check out the Power Ranking for August 2014.  A caveat: these ranks were written before the news of Berryz Kobo and their indefinite hiatus broke.  Knowing now about the end of Berryz Kobo, I feel a little bad about bashing the group a bit.  Anyway, head on over to read the August Hello! Project Ranking: http:…

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PASSPO x SoftBank [cm]

What we have today are two commercials for SoftBank featuring Negishi Ai, Okunaka Makoto, and Anzai Naomi from PASSPO.

Uemura Akari in G The Television magazine vol.34 [pic spam]

Uemura Akari in G The Television magazine vol.34 [pic spam]


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Another two-shot with Aachan from Saint Nyon-chan! <3