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THIS WEEK IN ERIPON (15.04.2014-19.04.2014)

Hey! I’m relatively punctual this week! Not that anyone is counting on these posts where I compile Ikuta Erina’s blog photos. You can get these photos anywhere, right? Thanks for stopping by on my site. Don’t forget you can always click the dates for each post to get the actual blog post from Eripon.

April 15, 2014

This one made it to my twitter. It’s two dimensions of Eripon; which makes this a…

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Fukumura Mizuki in Young Gangan 2014 No. 9

Fukumura Mizuki in Young Gangan 2014 No. 9

Can we all just bask in the glory of Morning Musume 14′s Fukumura Mizuki? I’m hoping that Mizuki magazine appearances become a common occurrence. She has a sweet, girl-next-door quality to her that I find alluring. Enjoy!


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Negishi Ai (Weekly Young Jump No. 39 2013)

Negishi Ai (Weekly Young Jump No. 39 2013)

I’ve been meaning to post more of the PASSPO girls, and here I am making good on the promise. Here, we have the Captain of the crew, Negishi Ai. She’s rather handsome …

Of course, she looks rockin’ behind an electric piano!

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Toobin #3- Hello! Station 62, The Girls Live 13

Toobin #3- Hello! Station 62, The Girls Live 13

Hello Station 62

OK internet, let’s talk Hell! Station 62!—
number244 (@thenumber244) April 11, 2014

I’m still unsure I want my S/mileage to move like this. Positive note: I love the location!
number244 (@thenumber244) April 11, 2014

@thenumber244 Any thing that shows off Akari’s legs = good.—
Cody L. Martin (@codylmartin1701) April 11, 2014

This means that Dracula is…

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Morning Musume ‘14 “Password is 0”

Morning Musume ’14 “Password is 0″

Start: pretentious stream of consciousness.
Ooh, pretty red outfits! Matrix style CRT graphics! Seele?! Riho, Riho, RIHO!

After hearing teases of “Password is 0″ for a month (give or take), we finally get a PV and a full version of the Morning Musume ’14/Morisanchu/au song. The infectious “Zero! Zero! Zero!” sections of the song heard in the CMs for au are hammered repetitiously, and the melodic…

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Wait … a marathon?!  Go Morishi!

Maccon in Guam!

(Source: fuckyeahpasspo)

Okunaka Makoto

THIS WEEK IN ERIPON (07.04.2014-14.04.2014)

A little late with this edition, I hope you don’t mind.
April 7, 2014

Someone’s letting their predilection for leopard show

Eripon looking really great in gold.  I wonder if she’s listening through the same headphones that I have on right now?

April 8, 2014
Extremely cute picture of Masakissu and Eripon.  And, all this plaid; there must be some Satoyama going on here.

April 9, 2014
This is why Eripon…

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